Water Recycling

IndoGreen Enviro introduces the water treatment platform from Water Shark, USA that has proven very effective at treating stormwater, industrial waste water, and is currently in development for secondary and tertiary sanitary waste water treatment applications. Water Shark system has a low footprint L22’ x W7’ x H 8’ (fits to land sea container) and the standard system can handle 380 l/min standard flow, which is scalable upto 4 times the volume. The overall Gray water treatment cost with Water Shark can be less than 18 paisa per litre.

Standard system comes with automated operation, Backflush and Media Rejuvenation, and is easily adjustable to treat all types of site contaminants. As standards vary from region to region, the Water Shark system can be used as an adaptable platform to meet local requirements for a variety of treatment options. Indirect and direct potable reuse (IPR, DPR) is achievable with certain modification in the standard platform.

  • Water Shark treatment from industrial sources to metals <60 x DWS
  • Industrial Wastewater with exceptionally high BOD and oil/ grease values
  • Machine Coolants can be broken using the Water Shark Platform

Water Shark Treatment Train for Gray Water Applications:

Module 1

  • Centrifuge separation for heavy solids
  • Ozone disinfection
  • 20-micron filtration (1-micron option)
  • Aeration

Module 2

  • Ferric Chloride / aluminum sulfate coagulation
  • Aeration

Module 3

  • pH adjust to 8.5
  • Polymer flocculation
  • Centrifuge solids removal
  • 0.5-1.0 micron filtration

Module 4

  • Carbon adsorption
  • <.5 micron filtration
  • Automatic chlorine dosing (gray water systems)


Dairy Industries

Sewage/Household and Municipal Water

Sugar Industries

Block/Dye Printing

Food Proccesing Units

Vermifiltration is emerging as an environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially acceptable technology all over the world.

The process harnesses the energy, carbon and other elements of the waste and converts them to precious "Bio-nutritional" products like energy rich humus, bio-fertilizer and nutrient rich water.

It uses the ability of the earthworms and beneficial microbes to break down organic waste present in the wastewater and transform it into worm-cast.


  • Simple and easy operation
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Low energy input
  • No sludge Formation
  • Aerobic & Hygienic process hence no odour
  • No pretreatment required for solids separation
  • Able to handle to high COD/BOD Load
  • All contaminants (dissolved and suspended) are converted into a valuable product.
  • Treated water is nutrient rich and natural way of fertigation for better agricultural production and cost saving on artificial fertilizers.
  • Enabling the reuse of treated water for gerdening, landscaping, farming & other non-potable purposes.

EnergyBinTM is a state of art, compact, pre-fabricated plug and play biogas plant to treat organic waste, like food waste and liquid manure. The state of art construction of the EnergyBinTM plant enables a quick, uncomplicated installation at an Industrial canteen, housing society, townships, hotel/resort, institutes and agricultural farm, in a day, since the components are delivered pre-installed.

And additionally improving the fertilizing properties of the manure generated. The operation of a small biogas plant is particularly economically interesting, as it save the disposable cost of waste, treat the waste scientifically and also generate revenue from the waste.

XWM team has installed Biogas plant at Thyssenkrupp, JSW, Tata Power, TCS Nagpur (Via GEEPL), Paschim Banga Go- Sanstha, West Bengal and currently working for, Ashok Piramal, Peninsula Land, Bharat Forge, D. Y. Patil Institute and Aditya Birla Hindalco, Kathmandu Metropolitan, Nepal.

We invite you to come down to visit at Thyssenkrupp Industries Ltd., a German company in Pune, who has installed EnergyBinTM at their factory.

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