Renewable Energy

IndoGreen Enviro has joined hands with WindStream India to develop the Indian market for SolarMill. The patented Vertical Axis Wind turbines from WindStream is a revolutionary and uncommon innovation in the area of power generation. These micro-turbines of SolarMill are designed to make wind energy both affordable and accessible. The turbines are small and quiet enough to install nearly anywhere, and can convert low speed wind into affordable electricity.

WindStream SolarMill are the hybrid power generation solutions combining best-in class proven technologies viz, Power generation through Wind Turbines and Solar Photovoltaic cells. Hybrid solutions offer uninterrupted power supply throughout the year irrespective of seasonal variations hence offer an advantage over only Wind Turbines or Solar Photovoltaic cells. Wind Turbines deliver highest output during monsoon, average during summer and lowest during winter. In contrast, Solar PV delivers highest output during summer, average during winter and lowest during monsoon.

WindStream Technologies

Argentina PowerMill

WindStream hybrid energy Solar windmill (SolarMill®) is small, efficient, and affordable equipment for everyone to lessen their environmental impact, while reducing their electricity cost. WindStream SolarMill® combines the benefit of Solar panels along with innovative line of windmill (vertical axis wind turbines) to meets the needs of windmill for homes, windmill for companies / small businesses, municipalities and other hybrid Solar windmill manufacturers. Hybrid energy Solar WindMill helps lower their energy costs and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and further reducing our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels.

SolarMill® – Hybrid Clean Energy Generation

The SolarMill™ is a hybrid of windmill and solar panel with the TurboMill® technology combined with a solar photovoltaics. Hybrid technology offers an advantage of stable 24 hour power production capability thus minimizing backup battery storage requirement. The system offers maximum power output per square foot are easy to mount on any building. Various installed capacities are possible using combination of Windmill and Solar Panel. The one shown in the picture is a combination of one Windmill containing 3 rotating turbines and one Solar Panel of 60 cells. Each WindMill offers Maximum Turbine Power output of 500 W at 17 m/s and each solar panel produces maximum power of 245 W.

Affordable - Our solutions offer the lowest up front and operating costs, leading to fastest time to payback.

  • 1. Lowest cost per watt
  • 2. Lower purchase price
  • 3. Minimal operation costs

Efficient - Our windmill is designed to generate energy in low wind conditions, a gentle breeze can produce power.

  • 1. Operates at low speed wind
  • 2. Wide operating wind speed
  • 3. Low drag vertical-axis blade design

Simple - Plug and play design makes for a simple installation.

  • 1. Easy to install
  • 2. Small size and minimal footprint
  • 3. Scalable

Safe - Environmentally friendly device, poses no danger to people or wildlife…

  • 1. Quiet operation
  • 2. Zero emissions for energy generation
  • 3. Safe for wildlife