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IndoGreenEnviro is pioneer in marketing of environment-friendly Green technologies in India as well as middle-east, and has active interest in the fields of waste recycling / tyre recycling, environmentally-friendly electricity generation, atmospheric water generation, Raw Water Purification, Fuel Catalysts for fuel saving and many others.

IndoGreenEnviro has established strategic relationships with leading Green technology manufacturers from europe, US and India in order to provide its customers with the Advanced technologies and product solutions at affordable prices. The latest partnership with CMI, UK gives IndoGreenEnviro an opportunity to provide factory refurbished  recycling equipments from Europe thus catering to the requirement of customers for quality but economical plants coupled with efficiency and service backup.

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IndogreenEnviro seeks Government Support for Recycling Industry in India.
By Rahul Shringarpure, Managing Director, IndogreenEnviro

Tyre Recycling

We offer a wide range of equipments ranging from shredders to rubber granulators to auto crushers for various industrial waste and tyre recycling applications. We also offer the complete tyre recycling plant in india / end to end solutions for tyre recycling in india from the project design and equipments, to raw material sourcing and arranging the buyers for finished products. Read More

Power Generation

We offer hybrid solutions combining best-in-class proven technologies e.g., Wind Turbines and Solar Photovoltaics, for on and off the Grid applicatoin and help produce own electricity 24 Hrs per day, all year long. Our solutions are efficient, affordable and small enough for everyone to lessen environmental impact, while reducing the electricity cost. Read More

Water Treatment & Purification

We offer the Next Generation water treatment solutions for Industrial Waste water and Sewerage water as well as solution for Raw Water purification. The technologies we represent are proven and well established and offer the lowest operating cost per litre. Furthermore we are capable to handle wide sources of water in various capacities. Read More


Organic Waste Recycling

We offer revolutionary in-vessel composter that converts organic waste into compost in just 24 hours. This compact automatic machine needs minimal intervention and saves you time, effort and space. The output is ready for use in landscaping or organic farming projects. It is loaded with nutrients and is an ideal medium to grow plants or vegetables. Read More

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Granutech Saturn participates in ISRI 2014 Trade Show

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